Allen Organ News

New Allen Portatif Organs

Allen Organs has designed a new way to augment self-contained organs with an additional 4-channel speaker system. The Portatif pipe facade system houses the 4-channel system while providing the external look and feel of a real pipe facade. Please click …


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Recent Installation

Peachtree City UMC, Peachtree City, GA

Peachtree City United Methodist Church in Peachtree City, GA is now the proud owner of a custom, 14 channel Q350 Allen organ. This organ replaces an aging Baldwin organ that had proven wholly unsuitable for the current building and setting. …


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Upcoming Installations

St. Thomas Episcopal Church, Thomasville, GA

Allen Organ Studios will soon install a custom Q341 three manual organ at St. Thomas Episcopal Church in Thomasville. This organ will replace an aging Pilcher pipe organ that had become wholly unreliable and too costly to repair or rebuild. This new organ will provide the organist with a much more diverse tonal palette with which to play virtually any repertoire written for the organ.


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